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  1. Supply, install, testing, commissioning and startup of HV power substations (transformer, HV & LV switchgears, with protection system).
  2. Design, supplying, install and testing of Main and sub main distribution boards and MCC.
  3. Supply, install of FIV & LV cables, cable ladder, and cable trays.
  4. Supply and installation of various industrial electrical equipment’s like D.C chargers, UPS, and static drivers
  5. Supplying and installation of lightning protection system.
  6. pulling, termination & testing of power and control cables
  7. Supply, install, commissioning and startup of diesel generators with ATS.
  8. Supply, Installation, test & commissioning of earthing systems including bonding, matting, fence protection and plant safety.
  9. Supplying and installing cathodic protection system including regulated power supply.
  10. Supply, Installation, test& commissioning of lighting, small power system.
  11. Supply, Installation test & commissioning of fire alarm system.
  12. Supplying and installation HV power distribution and transmission including towers, insulators, dampers, bare wires.