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Design and material supply

Burj Alsama has affiliated with various international design and supply companies to offer the full services of design, supply of materials and installation on a turnkey lump sum basis. Below are some fields that are covered in this manner.

  1. Industrial buildings: Burj Alsama can offer sandwich panel fully insulated steel structure industrial buildings that can be supplied and installed in a short time for use as warehouses, administration buildings, fire-fighting stations, shelters or any similar use.
  2. Potable and Waste Water Treatment: Burj Alsama in association with an international company has the possibility to offer adequate technical solutions and implement them in the field of water treatment.
  3. Process Plants: Burj Alsama can supply a wide range of piping material, valves and fittings from reliable international sources. We are also capable of handling petroleum depots storage tanks on turnkey basis.