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Bazian refinery project - Kurdistan

Client: Bazian Refinery

Duration: July 2010 – continuing till now

Summary of works carried out at Bazian refinery:

  1. Rehabilitation of instrumentation of entire refinery.
  2. Rehabilitation of steam boilers & soft water system.
  3. Rehabilitation of air compressors system.
  4. Rehabilitation and repair of heat exchangers for the first unit.
  5. Organization of assigning staff contract for operating and maintenance. the number of engineers and technicians of these activity more than 23 engineers, and Technical Supervisor for a period of six months (from 9 / 2010 - to the 9 / 2011) and as following activities :
    • Operating.
    • Mechanical Maintenance.
    • Electrical maintenance.
    • Maintenance of Precision Machinery.
    • Laboratory.
    • Safety.
    • The contract was renewed for another six months from 3 / 2011 and up to 9 / 2011.
  6. Sand filters processing with capacity of 100 cubic meters per hour and is equipped with Cartage filter.
  7. Processing of heat exchangers bundles for crude oil / 4.
  8. Processing of the refinery furnace tubes of unit two furnaces (chrome steel and carbon steel).
  9. Rehabilitation of concrete tanks for water treatment system (waste water treatment).
  10. Rehabilitation of kerosene Merox for the two refineries and operated within the specifications and the global standard.