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Bazian Refinery General Mechanical Erection Contract – Kurdistan.

Client: Bazian Refinery

Duration: 18-Jan-2012 – 30-12-2013

  • Fabrication and Installing of all pipes networks (about 150,000 dia. In).
  • Steel Structure installing for Pre-flash, OSBL, and Gasoline unit (with total weight about 1500 ton).
  • QA/QC and NDT activities for all projects.
  • Thermal insulation works for all pipes and fittings (8160 meter length, and 8400 fitting pieces).
  • Thermal insulation works for all Equipment's (2500 m2).
  • Equipments Installation with total weight (about 2700 ton).
  • Post Weld Heat Treatment activities for more than 2400 welded joints.
  • Sand blasting works for all pipes and supports.
  • Painting activities for all piping and supporting works (about 45000 m2).
  • Hydrostatic & Pneumatic test (about 1600 Loop).
  • Fire Proofing System (about 7560 m2).