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About us


Burj Alsama Company was established in Baghdad by a group of experienced and highly skilled technocrats in the design and construction of industrial projects.

In 2003, Burj Alsama acquired through a take – over an existing company that was previously established in the year 1996 under the name of Saadi Ubaidy Bureau.

The immediate objective of the company was to establish a specialized Electromechanical, Instrumentation, construction, and Engineering Inspection company capable of participating and contributing to the Rehabilitation of Iraq program.

The longer term objectives of the company were to establish engineering and Construction Company based on modern and internationally recognized management techniques.

Burj Alsama prides itself in abiding by international business principle.

Burj Alsama has set as its golden principles parameters such as Integrity, Honesty, Respect for the Environment and full recognition of Anti – Corruption laws and regulations.

About Us

Prior to 2003, contracting work in Iraq was and to a great extent restricted to the governmental public sector. This in addition to International Sanctions applied in 1991 and continuing till 1997, and in the absence of any foreign investment and lack of any major industrial development, all of those factors reflected most adversely on the construction trade. Private construction was greatly hampered and could neither develop nor keep up with modern world advancement.

In 2003 however, all this changed rapidly with the introduction of major international investments, the initiation of the Rehabilitation of Iraq program and the growing need for the implementation of major industrial projects.

There were excessive demands on the construction industry and companies had to quickly develop their resources in terms of management, equipments and manpower to cope with the new demands.

Those facts were recognized by the top management of Burj Alsama. A plan was immediately put into action to introduce modern construction skills and techniques and to develop our local resources and manpower.

We have a mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and civil workshop with Engineering Inspection lab. With suitable equipment, machines and attachments such as Cranes, generators, caravans, containers, scaffolds, (Welding, cutting, forming, rolling, grinding, beveling & bending) machines equipped with full tools and accessories.

Special equipments required for construction projects such as level, cranes, NDT equipment ,industrial total station, clamps, pulling tools, welding accessories, cable joint accessories, earthing tools, sand plasting machine , (bending, cutting ,forming tools) required for thermal insulation, inspection & calibration equipment.

We are capable to locate inspection & calibration lab. For instrumentation and control system contains calibration instruments and test rigs.

we are proud to pronounce that we get the follow ISO certificates that emphasize our quality and credibility.


From the period of 1996 and 2003, Burj Alsama existed as Saadi Ubaidy Bureau

  • The Bureau was involved in various small size projects as Iraq was under international sanctions and major projects.
  • Cathodic - Copper project. (Al Shahead factory) carried out various HVAC, electrical works.
  • HVAC system installation (chillers, pumps, ducts, piping networks).
  • 11kv substation installation and testing with all cables and terminations.
  • Rehabilitation of Al Qaqaah Establishment: installation of mechanical equipment and steel structure fabrication and welding.
  • Installation of 200 m3/h potable water unit at Al Fatih Almoben project.
  • Various jobs at Al Somud Company as nominated subcontractor for structural steel erection and piping works.
  • Design, manufacturing and installation of ten air handling units (Capacity 5 ton).
  • Installation & maintenance of air conditioning packaging unit.
  • Performing PWHT on Chromium pipe joints of turbine & super heater. Total number 800 joints in unit no. 5 at Dura power plant.
  • Performed PWHT of all piping works in the crude distillation unit at Dura Refinery.
  • Manufacturing of (13) LPG pressure vessel, 50 m3 capacity for Sinhareeb Co.
  • Manufacturing of (50) fuel tanks with 55m3 capacity for Sinhareeb Co.